Trouble Codes

P0700 Transmission Control System Malfunction

błąd p0700 code

Symptoms of the DTC code P0700 Generic

  • The Check Engine service light is on.
  • At the time of conducting the transmission, you may have difficulty making the changes.
  • It takes a long time to make the automatic changes.
  • Handling problems.
  • It is likely that a decrease in fuel consumption will be detected.
  • Automatic Transmission can be blocked at one speed, usually the first.
  • After a certain time of travel, it remains in a single speed and does not make more changes.

Causes of DTC code P0700 Generic
The cause of this DTC code P0700 OBD2 is that there is a problem in the transmission, but it can also have one or more problems, it is even possible that it generates other DTC codes that have to do with the transmission.

  • There is a short circuit inside the TCM (Transmission Control Module).
  • The TCM (transmission control module) could be defective.
  • Low level of ATF (automatic transmission fluid, is the life blood of the transmission), low fluid levels can cause pressure to be lacking.
  • Wear in the Automatic Transmission. Hydraulic fluid can slip through worn seals, brakes and clutches.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0700 Generic

  • Check the ATF oil level (automatic transmission fluid).
  • Check all the ECM / TCM connectors one by one.
  • Check the transmission solenoids, they may be open.
  • Check the power cables of the drive controller and the valves.

After performing all the steps above, erase the DTC P0700 error code with an automotive scanner.
If the DTC code P0700 returns to appear, check all the hoses and guayas, they may be badly adjusted or even have vacuum problems, this is due to cracked or disconnected hoses.
With an advanced scanner you can verify with the actuators, perform live tests of the solenoids and the computer of the box.