Trouble Codes


Symptoms of P0133 Error Code General

  • Check that the engine warning light is on.
  • The engine loses power.

Causes of OBD2 code P0133 Generic
Problems that may lead to the establishment of diagnostic code P0133 may be:

  • There may be a leak of left air
  • Incorrect fuel pressure.
  • The mass air flow (MAF) sensor may be dirty.
  • The oxygen sensor (O2) wiring may have flaws such as friction, broken or worn wires.
  • The presence of oil in the oxygen sensor (O2),

DTC Description P0133 Generic
The number 1 oxygen sensor (O2) located in bank number 1 is used by the ECM (Engine Control module) to control the amount of oxygen exiting the engine. This O2 sensor sends a signal to the ECM (Engine Control Module), which uses this signal to regulate the fuel / air ratio. By regulating the air-fuel ratio, fuel consumption is controlled and the amount of air pollution leaving the engine is limited. The air / fuel ratio is sent to the ECM as a voltage reading.

The oxygen sensor (O2) voltage output changes due to changes in gas and air. This change is immediate, for example when accelerating the vehicle the output voltage must change quickly because the fuel / air ratio has also changed.

DTC P0133 OBD2 indicates that the ECM has detected that the oxygen (O2) sensor has not changed voltage fast enough to change the fuel / air ratio. Therefore, this error code is defined as a “slow response” in the oxygen (O2) sensor circuit because the system does not respond as quickly as it should.