Trouble Codes

P0104 Mass or volume air flow sensor – break

Symptoms of the general failure code P0103

  • The Check Engine lamp lights up.
  • The smoke coming out of the tailpipe is black.
  • There may be difficulties when starting the engine.
  • Performance down
    increased combustion
  • Generating errors related to the lambda probe

Causes of general OBD2 code P0103
Diagnostic code P0103 OBDII may mean that:

  • Short to power plus in the wires leading to the flow meter
  • ECM engine driver damaged
  • The cables or their connectors to the mass air flow (MAF) sensor may be worn or rubbing, which in turn causes a short circuit.
  • The mass air flow (MAF) sensor may be dirty.
  • MAF sensor may be damaged.

Possible solutions for general code DTC P0103
To resolve DTC P0103 OBD2, you can do the following:

Check all cables and their corresponding connectors to the mass air flow (MAF) sensor. Make sure they are not broken or worn. Repair or change as needed.
Check for air leaks in the intake system. Repair if you find a leak.
Check that the hot air flow sensor (MAF) wire is free of dirt and dust. If the air filter is dirty, it can be replaced.
There are intake air intake systems that have a mesh, in which case you can make sure it is clean.
Perhaps the reason for this code is the high resistance in the MAP sensor (multiple absolute pressure sensor) ground circuit.
Change the MAF sensor.


DTC Description P0104 General
DTC P0104 OBD2 is stored when the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor circuit has failed. This sensor measures the density and volume of air entering the engine. It is worth mentioning that this sensor measures only a part of the air, and this value is used to calculate the density and total absorbed volume.

PCM (Powertrain Control Module) receives information from the MAF sensor and other parameters to ensure the right amount of fuel at a given time. In this way, it is achieved that power is most optimal and engine fuel has a higher efficiency.