Trouble Codes

P0011 Fault in camshaft adjuster

błąd p0011 code

OBD2 error P0011 possible causes

The reasons for establishing P0011 may be as follows:

  • Low level or dirty engine oil
  • Wrong camshaft phasing
  • Clogged solenoid valve
  • Poor electrical connection
  • Defective camshaft position
  • Camshaft position sensor is defective
  • The sensor beam is open or closed
  • Camshaft position sensor bad electrical circuit connection
  • Defective crankshaft position sensor

Technical notes

Since the solenoid valve for variable camshaft phasing uses oil flow to control the phasing, dirty oil can cause the valve to lock in an open or closed position. Before changing the valve, change engine oil and filter and reset the engine code.

When will the code be detected?

  • When there is a significant difference between the set shaft offset angle and the actual offset read by the sensor, the valve will stop working and the ECM module will activate code P0011.

Possible symptoms

  • Activation of the engine failure indicator
  • Slow reaction to pressing the gas pedal
  • power loss

P0011 Description
This mechanism hydraulically controls the camshaft phasing continuously with a constant angle of operation of the intake valve. The ECM receives signals such as crankshaft position, camshaft position, engine speed and engine coolant temperature. The ECM then sends the ON / OFF control signals to the solenoid valve for phasing out the camshaft according to power demand. This allows control of the timing of the intake valve closure/opening to increase engine torque in the low/middle speed range and performance in the high speed range. The solenoid valve changes the amount of oil and the direction of flow through the intake valve timing device or stops the oil flow. A longer pulse width increases the valve opening angle. A shorter pulse width delays the valve closing angle. When the on/off pulse values become equal, the solenoid valve stops the oil pressure flow to set the inlet valve opening angle in a fixed position.