Trouble Codes

P0002-Range / efficiency of the fuel quantity regulator control circuit

Error Code P0002
The P0002 code is associated with an electrical circuit that connects to the fuel pressure regulator.

It can also be associated with other codes, such as: P0001, P0003 or P0004.

What does the code P0002 mean?
P0002 is a general OBD-II code that indicates a problem with the engine control module (ECM) reading the signals from the fuel pressure sensor on the fuel injection rail.

The ECM regulates the fuel pressure of the fuel pump, receiving information about the actual fuel pressure through this circuit. When the computer detects a pressure that does not fall within the permissible fuel pump pressure range, it sets the engine failure indicator. The code will save fuel and may damage the engine. On the other hand, this code is rare.

What causes the code P0002?
The frequency of fuel volume adjustment / performance code can have several reasons:

  • Plug disconnected for the fuel regulator
  • Possible corrosion in the sensor connector.
  • Sensor wiring to ECM damaged
  • Leakage from the fuel pressure regulator or damage.
  • Fuel pump defective
  • ECM is damaged.

What are the symptoms of P0002 code?
The P0002 code will display on the dashboard / engine control panel and may be affected by:

  • Reduced engine performance while driving
  • It is possible to stop while driving
  • May cause exhaust gases to be black or white.
  • Damage to the catalyst in the exhaust system

How does the mechanic recognize the code P0002?

P0002 has been correctly diagnosed using an advanced verification tool that is able to read readings from the factory sensor (not just from the car parts warehouse). A qualified service technician can read data from the advanced verification tool to determine when the problem occurred or still occurs. They can clear the code / light and test the vehicle while monitoring the scan tool data to see if the error is returning or present.