Trouble Codes

P0001 – Fuel Control Regulator Control Circuit / Open

Error code description P0001
The P0001 code is associated with an electrical circuit that connects to the fuel pressure regulator.

The fault may also be associated with other codes, such as: P0002, P0003 or P0004.

What does the code P0001 mean?
P0001 is a general OBD-II code that describes a problem with the circuit that goes from the engine computer (ECM) to the fuel pressure regulator on the engine’s fuel injection rail.

The ECM regulates the fuel pressure from the fuel pump to the engine through this circuit. When the computer detects an error in the circuit, it sets the engine failure light. The code will save fuel and may damage the engine.

What causes the code P0001?
The fuel volume regulator code can have several causes:

  • Plug disconnected from the fuel regulator
  • Possible corrosion in the sensor connector.
  • Sensor wiring to ECM damaged
  • Leaking fuel pressure regulator
  • Fuel pump defective
  • ECM is damaged.

What are the symptoms of P0001 code?
The P0001 code will display the fault indicator on the instrument cluster:

  • Engine performance while driving will degrade
  • Possible problems with starting the engine
  • This can cause smoking in a variety of colors, from black to white.
  • Fuel saving will not be effective.


How Serious Is Dtc P0001?

  • Error code P0001 may cause:
  • Inefficient fuel consumption
  • Fuel instability that can damage the engine.
  • Damage to the catalysts is possible, which is a costly repair.