Trouble Codes

Trouble Code P1101 is defined as Mass Airflow Sensor Out of Self-Test Range.

Circuit / system description trouble code p1101

The engine control module (ECM) compares the actual air flow based on the throttle position with the calculated air flow based on the absolute intake manifold (MAP) and mass air flow (MAF) sensor readings.

The ECM detects that the actual air flow rate is greater than the calculated flow rate based on the MAP sensor.

To eliminate the fault code p1101, verify the integrity of the entire suction air system, check that the following conditions do not exist:

  • Any damaged, incorrectly installed, crushed or tapered components
  • Improper operation of the by-pass valve or turbocharger throttle valve actuator, if equipped
  • The terminals are loose, cracked or otherwise damaged.
  • Limiting the air flow
  • Limiting the air filter flow
  • Layout, refraction, leakage or improper connection of flexible vacuum lines
  • Pressure vacuum in the intake manifold, MAP sensor and throttle body
  •  Water penetration
  • Any accumulation of snow or ice in a cold climate
  • Impurity of the MAF sensor element
  • Missing, plugged or leaking components of the exhaust system