Trouble Codes

P0119 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor – Break

DTC Description P0119 General

Error code OB0 II P0119 is defined as “Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Malfunction” and is set when the ECM (Engine Control Module) detects a voltage in the engine coolant temperature sensor circuit that is out of range.

Causes of general failure code P0119

  • Faulty ECT sensor or high resistance in sensor wiring
  • A short to ground in the ECT signal circuit
  • Faulty or damaged connectors
  • Damaged wiring harness Loose terminals on the ECT or computer
  • Engine overheated
  • Worn, damaged, shorted or corroded wires and connectors.
  • Defective coolant temperature sensors.
  • Low engine coolant level. Note that other warning lights and codes may be present when the coolant level is low.
  • Poor coolant circulation.
  • Engine control module failure. Keep in mind that this is a rare event and you should look for the faults elsewhere before replacing any driver.

Symptoms of the general failure code P0119

  • Radiator fans start working moments after starting the car
  • Engine failure indicator light on
  • The AC air conditioning compressor will receive the OFF command