Trouble Codes

P0008 -Efficiency of engine position system bank1

Code P0008 is associated with the timing mechanism
It can be accompanied by codes: P0009, P0010, P0011, P0012, P0013, P0014, P0015, P0016, P0017, P0018, P0019 and many others.

What does the code P0008 mean?
P0008 is a general OBD-II code that indicates a problem with the engine control module (ECM) detecting changes in the mechanical synchronization between the crankshaft and camshaft

The ECM uses sensors to detect the position of the crankshaft and camshafts. Using these signals, the ECM controls the ignition and synchronization of fuel at various speeds and loads. the appearance of a fault will cause the engine failure indicator lamp to light up and possibly lower the car’s performance.

What causes the P0008 code?
The Engine Position System Performance Code can have several causes:

  • The timing is incorrectly set, or the gear belt leaps.
  • Worn timing components (chains, gears, guides)
  • Damage to the camshaft timing wheels
  • Damage to the pulser on the camshaft or shaft
  • Obsolete ECM software
  • Internal ECM damage



What are the symptoms of the P0008 code?
Code P0008 will display the engine failure light on the dashboard;

  • Wave rotation
  • decrease in engine performance
  • Increased combustion